What is Monkeypod wood?

What is Monkeypod wood?

Great question.

Monkeypod, often referred to as Rain Tree, is a hardwood tree from Central and South America, Asia and Africa. Its scientific name is Samanea Saman and is a member of the Fabaceae family which includes other wood famous species such as Acacia. Reaching up to 25 meters tall with a diameter of 50 meters, the Monkeypod tree is often trusted for construction, furniture, interior home décor, and musical instruments. Its wide distribution ensures that it can be found throughout the tropics.


Why does Century Chic use Monkeypod?

We consider it to be the ideal mix of pristine beauty and the sturdiness required to craft resilient resin/epoxy artworks. What I mean by "pristine beauty" is that it is truly captivating. It varies in shade and its exterior becomes delicately pale, precisely illustrating a vista of the oceanfront. Without a doubt, it looks like a picturesque view from the sky of a tropical getaway. Also, this type of wood has increased in popularity lately for indoor decorations due to its steadiness once it is dried, its resistance to rot in the long run, its Janka hardness and its environmental friendliness.


A bit more about its looks

With a striking grain pattern and shades from golden-honey to red-brown, Monkeypod wood exudes a luxurious luster that makes it an ideal material for statement pieces, furnishings, and ornamental items. When coated in a transparent layer, it intensifies its unique beauty, allowing the warm tones of the wood to stand out.


It’s got great rot resistance

The extraordinary resilience of monkeypod wood to rotting and decomposition makes it ideal for areas with high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In comparison to other woods, no ongoing treatments or coatings are necessary to protect monkeypod against moisture. Due to this property, it is perfect for exterior furnishings and constructions.

It’s tough and durable for real life

Monkeypod has a Janka hardness rating of 1,070, making it as tough as other woods such as oak and maple that are frequently used for home decor. This level of strength provides further defense against abrasion, making it an excellent choice for locations with daily use, such as tables, desks and serving trays. Please note that while you can use our serving trays as a cutting board, it is strongly discouraged.


Exotic looks, non-exotic origins

Monkeypod wood is an excellent selection for interior home décor because of its impressive rate of growth, its ability to be sustainably harvested, and its undeniable beauty. These trees can mature up to six feet per year, meaning that its carbon-negative to the environment in the process. Additionally, our wood is often sourced from plantations dedicated to the cultivation of monkeypod wood for commercial purposes, ensuring it does not deplete any natural forests.


In Summary

Overall, the many benefits of monkeypod wood include its captivating grain patterns and luscious tones, rot and decay resistance, hard Janka rating, and sustainability. All these qualities make it an ideal material for furnishing items such as tables, desks, coffee tables, as well as a perfect fit for decor items and accent pieces. In the end, by using this wood, Century Chic can achieve a luxurious and stylish aesthetic that is long-lasting and with no exotic deforestation.

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